Speaking Faces: First Impression Feedback Tool

speaking facesSpeaking Faces is a service that allows you get feedback on that all important first impression of people have of you. If you want to make a first impression on a job interview or a date, you can use the service to get comments and suggestions from people other than your friends or family members. This way, you’ll get hard facts about the first impression that you make without any sugarcoating or biased comments.

To get a feedback using Speaking Faces, all you need to do is upload a photo of yourself, suitable attired for the relevant situation and let other users offer their opinions followed by constructive comments or criticisms. To properly send the message you desire, you must give out the right impression through your appearance. You will receive realistic, objective opinions from people you have never met before based on the thing people notice first, your appearance. You can review the comments and make the proper adjustments if needed.

Speaking Faces is a way of preparing yourself and make the proper adjustments so that you can convey the right message. It will give you an added advantage knowing that you will make a good first impression. Having that knowledge will boost your confidence when you are meeting someone for the first time.

speaking faces first impressions

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