SimpleCountryCodes Gives Easy Access to Country Codes

Here is a simple web app that you can use to look-up different country codes. If you are going to call abroad and want to find out a specific country code, better check out SimpleCountryCode. The concept is not entirely new. In fact, you can have instant access to country codes using Google by just using the “(country name) country code” tag.

The app is very simple and easy to use. Just select which country you are calling from and the country you are going to call. It will display a simple instruction for you on what numbers you should dial in order to get connected to a specific country. Just be careful with the country input for it is case sensitive. It will return no results if you use lowercase letters. To make things easier, just hit the country you want when the auto-complete activates.

The service is new but doesn’t sport enough feature in my opinion. Further development and improvement to the database, like adding area codes for cities, would be a great feature addition to SimpleCountryCode.



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