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Shrink2One: Shrink Multiple Links

Shrink2One is a URL shrinking service where you can shrink multiple links into a single short one. The service is quite similar to FuseURL. The only difference is the way it lets the user view the fused and shrunken URLs. Check out FuseURL’s full review.

Shrink2One is great for jamming together several links that you want to share to your friends. You don’t have to shrink each one on TinyURL before you paste them on IM’s, forums and blogs. This is also great for sharing links on forums and blogs that allows only one link per comment or post. Most blogs only allow one link per comment, anything greater than that will send the comment to the spam list.

Using the service is easy. Just paste all the links on the form provided and click the “Shrink Now” button. Other cool features of the Shrink2One are the optional Title and Password. The title will give the recipient a general idea on what the content of the URLs are. The password, of course, is for privacy. Since the recently created links are featured on Shrink2One’s website, this will protect your links from being viewed by others if you wish to.

If ever you are in need of a service that converts multiple URLs/links into one, Shrink2One is a great place to start. It beats FuseURL with the privacy feature but I like the way FuseURL presents the fused links. Your choice.

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5 comments on “Shrink2One: Shrink Multiple Links
  1. Øyvind says:

    Awesome tip, thanks!

  2. fragileheart says:

    Hehehe yay you used my site in the example 🙂

    Thanks for the great tip (as always)!

  3. AgentOrange says:

    Hehehe! You’re welcome and thank you too.

  4. AKS says:

    Releasing Shrink2One Firefox(1.5 to 3.x) extension to get One Shrink2One URL for all open tabs. For more info logon to or install extension directly from


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