ShortText: A Dead Simple Online Posting Tool

short-text-logoWhenever you want something to be posted online, it is a requirement to have your own website, join a social networking site or register for free blog services. However, there are quite a few services out there that let you post your content with minimum fuss and ShortText is one of them. It’s a simple tool to post text online which does not require you to register or sign in. It’s an on demand web presence for your information.

The service will create a ShortText URL for your content. The URL will remain active for as long as someone visits it at least once a year. You can make a post private by placing your own password key or by generating a random one. You are also allowed to link to images and videos by simply ticking a check box. You may allow comments and use rich text (the codes are similar to the ones used in forum sites). With a maximum of 30000 allowed characters, I’m sure that it’s quite hard for you to run out of text space for your content.

ShortText is a simple service that can be used by anybody who wants to publish content anonymously. Since it is not a requirement to register, it makes it very convenient for such publishers.

*They also have a Firefox extension which makes it easy for you to publish text found online by highlighting the text and creating a ShortText URL.


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