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We all know that searching of an available domain name can be such a pain. Typing a name at a time and hoping that the search will return a “this domain is available.” It can be very time consuming and frustrating at the same time.

Domize is a domain name search engine that lets you search domain names faster and gives quick results of available and unavailable domains. The engine is very easy to use and is secured over SSL. Like most domain search tools out there, all you have to do is type in the domain name that you want to search. Then it gets interesting. With every character that you type, the engine will show a result of the availability of your domain for every letter that you add. This will give you additional information and a greater possibility of finding a shorter domain name.

After each search, a snapshot preview of the available domains can be accessed easily. Just hover your mouse cursor over the red colored text (red means taken and blue means available), and a snapshot window will popup. If you did not find what you are looking for, you can edit the text in the Domize search bar and the results will change as you add or remove a letter or character to your domain name. This will save you a lot of time while playing around with ideas for a domain name.

Thousands of domain names are being registered everyday. Finding an available name gets even harder with conventional domain search tools. Using Domize as a tool for finding a domain name will certainly give you an edge and save you a lot of time.

Note: Domize also offers iPhone support.

7 Comments on “Search Available Domains Faster Using Domize

  1. This sounds like a good tool to have. I wonder if the site ensures that searches get deleted when a user clicks on the ‘clear’ button, so that the potential domain names you have searched on do that get sold out to some company who will then park on it.
    I am very cautious, as it has happened to me in the past where I searched on a domain name I wanted to register (as it was available) but waited a few days before I acted on it – and someone else registered it in the mean time. I was suspicious because the domain name I came up with was composed of several long words put together and very unique.

  2. You have every right to be cautious Marie, I have read several complaints about different domain search services being not entirely secure. One in particular involves his Gmail account. He found a domain and emailed it to himself in his Gmail account to register it after work. When he got home, the domain was already taken. He didn’t say if his Gmail got hacked or the security in is flawed.

    I would suggest that even if you are not too serious about buying the domain, you can register it and delete at no cost it if you decide not to buy it. This is called domain tasting. It is a way of testing the marketability of a domain within a 5 day grace period. There are quite a number of people monetizing on domain tasting by placing Adsense on them and deleting them before the grace period is over. That was before Google decided to stop monetizing all domains if they are less then five days old.

  3. Vaibhave: Thanks for the security information.

    Fordy: Thanks for the tip, I bookmarked DomainNameSoup for future reference.

    Marie: Don’t mention it. 😀

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