ScreenJelly: Record and Tweet your Screen

screenjellyScreenJelly is an online screen recording tool with an easy Twitter sharing feature in addition to conventional sharing methods. The free service will allow you to record up to three minutes of your screen activity along with your voice and easily share it with your online buddies. There’s no need to download or install anything except for a Java plugin for your browser which is needed in order for ScreenJelly to work.

The service is designed for viewers with low attention span. The three minute screen recording may just be enough for Twitter users. You can consider it as your micro-screen recording service. With so many stuff going on inside one’s Twitter account, posting short screen-casts may just be enough to keep your followers from getting bored. If you want to produce screencasts that goes beyond three minutes, you should try ScreenToaster. This will give you more screen recording juice and produce long tutorials.

Screenjelly is designed for quick, easy spreading of information—when you just need to share something visual with people in the moment, without a lot of effort or time on your part.

Developers and designers can use ScreenJelly to showcase their work and get instant feedback. Gamers can show off new levels and discoveries they made on the game. People who needs support can record and share software errors to get instant feedback and solutions. So, whether you just want to share something cool on your screen, record something weird or want an instant feedback for your work, try ScreenJelly for your micro-screen recording needs.

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