Protect your email Using TinyMail

TinyMail is a simple service with one goal, to protect your email address from spammers. We hand out our emails every day. We post it in forums, social networking sites, chat clients and other internet forms that ask for email. The purpose of handing out our emails on public pages is for other people to contact us and not for some spam bot to harvest it and send us a load of spam mails.

One of the solutions is to create another email for public use and not the personal one that you use with real people. Another solution is to mask your email using TinyMail. What it does is hides you original email and creates a link/page for you with captcha security to ensure that the one accessing your email is a real person and not some email harvesting bot. Just enter your email address and it will create an html link, forum link and a simple URL for you. The receiving end can only view the email after he/she answers the captcha keywords correctly. This will verify that a real person is picking up your email address.

This is a great way of protecting your email. It’s not very efficient on the receiving end because of the time it takes to unlock the hidden email. If you are highly concerned with protecting your email address from spam, then you might find TinyMail of great use. If the recipient of the person is interested enough in contacting you, then the few seconds it takes to unlock your email should be no problem at all.

5 Comments on “Protect your email Using TinyMail

  1. That’s is kind of a good stuff. I received several hundreds of spam mail in my yahoo and several hundred in my gmail .. kind of irritating. Some of them go into my inbox too.

    Great stuff. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.

  2. @The Success: It’s pretty useful for masking your email add.

    @Myi4u: It depends on how your email service treats the email. What service are you using? Gmail is pretty good at filtering spam. Yahoo finds it hard to differenciate spam and verification emails.

  3. Thanks for the share Wongsk. Akapost masks your email using their domain. It’s pretty clever. You have to sign up though in order to use their service but its free and it does its job well. Thanks again. 🙂

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