ProposalPad: Easy PDF Proposal Creator for Web and Graphic Designers

ProposalPad is a service that specializes in helping Web and Graphic Designers to create a professional looking PDF Proposal. This will help designers save time in creating their proposal for prospective clients. It will also help minimize the cost of hiring a professional to create their proposals and build a professional image through proposals.

The service comes in three different types of services. You’ll be able to register for a Basic (free), Pro and Corporate account. Each type of account features a different feature. Naturally, the higher the cost, the better the available features and the storage limit gets. I would suggest that you get the basic free feature first and give the service a test run before upgrading. It is quite adequate for a starting graphic/web designer if you ask me. If ever that you need an upgrade, you can simply purchase for a higher storage capacity and more features.

If you are a graphic or web designer looking for something to help you project a more professional image, give ProposalPad a visit and try the free (basic) service. All it takes is to upload some information about you or your company and a logo get started. This will help you in getting a clear and better web representation through proposals.

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