PiccDrop: A quick Image Sharing Tool

PiccDrop is one of those image hosting sites that lets you upload images in a flash with no questions asked. No questions, meaning that no signing up, no create an account whatsoever. All you need is an image to upload, and then you’ll get your image URL from PiccDrop.

Unlike other quick image hosts, PicDrop made it clear that as long as you’re not uploading images with adult content, they are guaranteed to last forever, well, as long as PiccDrop lasts anyway. You also get to upload large images (up to 6MB in size). That’s a pretty sweet deal for a free service if you ask me. Oh, another great thing about the service is that it accepts almost all image format known to man.

(note: if piccdrop ever stops allowing users to upload images – we don’t plan to – we will continue to keep your images hosted on the site and will still allow direct hotlinking.)

If ever you are in need of a photo/image host with no bandwidth limit, does not require logging in, supports all formats, no image size restrictions, you might want to check this baby out. It’s great for quick image sharing on forums, websites, IM’s and Twitter.

5 Comments on “PiccDrop: A quick Image Sharing Tool

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  2. This just goes to show how over saturated the image hosting business is. Since quite a number of for-pay and for-free sites have died recently I wouldn’t put too much faith in a guarantee given for a contract-less arrangement.

  3. Point well taken Paul. Even I would be hesitant to use a fresh image hosting service. I just thought that services like PiccDrop would be useful in hosting just for fun images. I see those in the forums very often. Thanks for sharing your view. Highly appreciated.

  4. @Calvyn: I’ve tried using imageshack before. The only problem that I encountered using the service is that the bandwidth limit is quite low. I remember all my photos turning into a frog(image) when my image got viewed too many times. Photobucket is also a great service. Thanks for sharing your view Calvyn. 🙂

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