MinFBook: A Chrome Plugin for a Minimalist Facebook

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Do you hate how Facebook look? Want to try minimalizing the pages in such a way that it would suit your preference? There’s an easy way to customize how you see Facebook through a Chrome plugin called MinFBook (Minimalist for Facebook). It is a personalized solution for those who are tired of useless and distracting elements in the Facebook interface. You can Individually hide almost 50 interface elements, custom colors, and more…

With MinFbook you can simplify Facebook without losing practicality. I’m a big fan of the minimal the web, But sometimes, when minimalism steps in, the practicality of a particular web product is diminished. By using the plugin, you can select which features will appear and which ones will stay hidden. It actually doesn’t automatically do all the work for you. You have to choose which ones will stay by editing the plugin settings. It removes as much or as little as you want. It also adds functionality if you so choose. Just remember that the plugin will only work on your browser, the Chrome browser in particular, and will only affect how you see Facebook. It doesn’t alter your Facebook account in any way. Your Facebook friends will still see your profile the same as everybody else see theirs.




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