MergePDF: Fuses your PDFs Together

merge-pdf-logoMergePDF, like what the name suggests, is an online tool that you can use to merge PDF documents into a single file. If you have multiple, small sized PDF documents that you want combined, you might want to try using this tool.

For each process, you are allowed to merge up to 10 PDFs with sizes not exceeding 5MB. If you think that the file size limit is rather small, you’ll have to do it using desktop applications such as Acrobat PRO or some other PDF related desktop software. If you’re merging large files, then most probably you don’t want them to be lurking around the internet anyway. Even if MergePDF stated that the files that are uploaded are removed right after the merge process is completed.

The only thing that is not safe in itself is the data transfer as we are not transferring through SSL. If our users send us an email requesting SSL, we will happily address that and provide upload over https.

This is a neat and simple tool for doing a simple task and it won’t cost you anything. It merges PDFs, no manipulating no editing,that’s as simple as it gets.


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