LOLApps: Create FaceBook Apps

lolappsLOLApps is a maker of Facebook tools that allows you to create a Facebook application without writing a single code for the app. It’s like a wizard for Facebook apps.

Currently, LOLApps has two products for you to choose from.

Quiz Creator lets you create simple personality quizzes. You know those quizzes that people hate and love on Facebook.

The tool lets you create quizzes to let people figure out which character they are in their favorite movie or TV show, what’s their best quality and basically anything you can think of.

Gift Creator lets you create sets of virtual gifts for your friends to display on their Facebook profiles. You create gifts for any occasion that you can think of.

LOLApps made Facebook app creation very accessible to everyone. Their two main products might not please everybody but if you enjoy quizzes and virtual gifts, this is the tool for you. I am particularly interested on what they’ll come up with next.


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