iPad2 Hack: Bypass iPad2’s Security Code Using the Smart Cover

The iPad2’s smart cover just got a little smarter. The guys from 9to5mac discovered a security flaw in the iPad2. You can actually bypass the security code on any iPad2 by using the smart cover. All you need to do is activate the off screen (home + standby on/off) of the iPad2 without actually sliding to turn it off. The next step is to place the smart cover on the iPad, close it and flip it open and click cancel and you’re in.

The bypass procedure doesn’t actually let you fully use the unlocked iPad2. It’ll allow you to browse through the apps but not actually open them. The real security threat here is when you’ve left a sensitive application open when you locked your iPad2. If your iPad got unlocked this way and you’ve left your email, contact list, notes and other apps that the perpetrator could use against you, then you should be worried.

So, until apple updates this security flaw, the best measure that you can take is to not leave an app open when you lock your iPad2.

Watch the video below.


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