How to Uninstall Applications that doesn’t want to Uninstall in Windows 7

Have you ever come across a Windows application that doesn’t want to uninstall itself on your machine? If you haven’t, then there’s always a first time. So, how do we deal with applications or software that doesn’t want to get rid of itself and want to stay on your Windows install, for like, forever? Or how do we deal with applications that still leave traces of themselves on your Windows registry? The answer to that is pretty simple. Just download and install (or use the Portable version) the Revo Uninstaller. It works on works on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7.

The Revo Uninstaller is a Windows utility that allows you to uninstall applications. It is an awesome alternative to the resident uninstaller on your Windows machine. Why is it better? Revo Uninstaller will force the shit out of programs that doesn’t want to uninstall itself. Plus, it will remove all traces of the program/software/application on your registry.

Another great thing about using Revo Uninstaller is that it lets you skip the process that some most applications put you through when uninstalling. Some applications will ask you to complete a survey form before it allows you to uninstall it. Some will redirect you to their website and ask you to fill out surveys and ask you tons of questions regarding their software.

Bottom line is that by using a third party uninstaller like Revo Uninstaller is very convenient. It will save you time and will clean all the crap that applications leave behind when uninstalled.

Download Revo Uninstaller here.

Download the Portable Version here.


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