How to make your Li-ion Battery Last Longer

Li-ion Batteries are what powers pretty much every consumer electronic devices that requires recharging nowadays. And most of them have their own manufacturer “up-to” figure. This figure will tell you the capacity reduction of your battery after a certain amount of recharge cycle. In order to reach (not entirely go beyond) the “up-to” figure, you need to take good care of your gadget’s battery. Here are a few tips that will help you get more juice from your Li-ion battery.

It’s not a good idea to completely drain your battery all the time. Each full discharge/drain tends to put a lot of strain on the battery. It might be good practice to leave some juice in your battery before recharging it.

Keeping your Li-ion battery at 100% all the time is also not good for it. This simply means that using your laptop/gadget plugged in and at 100% battery capacity all the time will make your Li-ion battery suffer from capacity loss. Permanent capacity loss also occurs even when the battery is not in use. Permanent capacity loss is greatest at elevated temperatures with the battery voltage maintained at maximum (fully charged).

Now that we know that permanent capacity loss is greatest at high temperatures, it might be a good idea to keep your gadgets away from hot places.

If you’re going to store your gadget or laptop battery for quite some time, it would be good practice to leave them charged with at least 50% capacity. And put it in a cool place.

No battery lasts forever. But if you follow these guidelines, you can make them last a lot longer.

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