How to Make your Friends Say “I’m Gay” on Facebook

Here’s a little Facebook exploit that might interest pranksters. This trick will make your Facebook friends say “I’m Gay” on Facebook.

You need to sucker them into doing the following steps.

‎1. Copy this: @+[251859230739:0]
2. Paste it as a comment below.
3. Delete the “+” sign.
4. Press “Enter.”

Well, the word doesn’t really have to say “I’m Gay.” You can actually make them publish anything you want on Facebook, if the’re gullible enough to fall for it. The reason for this is that the numbers inside the bracket represents an ID for a Facebook page called “I’m Gay.” So by typing a string other than 251859230739 will give you the power to make your friends say anything you want (if they’re stupid enough).


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