How to make Google+ Posts and Comments Collapsible

What’s the best browser fits Google+? Why Chrome of course. Not only that it’s faster, especially when loading Google products, you get to customize them by using Chrome Extensions. Speaking of which, here’s a Chrome extension that you might want to use with Google+.

The extension is called G+me for Google Plus™. What it does is that it collapses the Google+ stream while keeping live updates. You’ll be able to hide comments and collapse posts that are too long. This way, you’ll be able to quickly browse through the posts of the people you follow (in your circles). If you find something interesting, simply expand the post to view them- this is also true for comments. You don’t have to go through to all the posts and comments if you don’t like to.

Features of G+me

1. *Notification status visible at all times*. Browser icon shows badge with number of new notifications.

2. *Collapsible comments*. Always-visible button makes 100s of comments easy to hide.

3. *Collapsible posts*. An alternative to muting, this is great if you’re not interested in seeing a post but still want to get back to it later and/or still want to get notifications.

4. *Real-time comment count on collapsed items*. Track the number of seen or unseen comments, whether you like to collapse posts and comments.

5. *Mark comments as read*. Collapsing posts/comments automatically keeps track of comments you’ve seen; the extension remembers.

6. *List-mode option keeps at most one post displayed*. This turns the stream into a dashboard: in one screenful you can see activity on many posts at once and jump back and forth between multiple active comment streams.

7. *Mouse-over instant preview*. In list mode, hover the mouse over a collapsed post to get a fully-functional preview on the side.


Google+ is still on beta and God knows when they’ll bring it out of beta. Things are improving every day, maybe they’ll make these features available to us sooner or later, I don’t know. But, until then, extensions like G+me is a must-have.

Download G+me for Google Plus™

Note: For Google Chrome Browser Only

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