How to Automatically Share your Public Google+ Posts on Twitter

Are you both on G+ and Twitter? Do you want to automatically share your Google+ updates on Twitter? All you need to do is head over to ManageFlitter’s website and set it up so that you’ll be able to share your “public” G+ posts with your Tweeter followers.

To link your G+ with your Twitter account, the first thing you need is your Google+ public link. Your G+ public URL can be found by clicking the profile button. Copy the URL and paste it on ManageFlitter under the step 1 input box. The next step is to give ManageFlitter access to your Twitter account and you can be on your way to sharing every public posts made on G+ to your Twitter followers.

We’ll keep an eye on your Google+ page for public posts and tweet them from your Twitter account. Posts that are longer than 140 characters will be linked back to your post on Google+

The ManageFlitter’s Google+ to Twitter advanced option will allow you to:

Only share Google+ posts including the tag #twt

Add “G+:” to the start tweets created

Share Google+ hangout sessions

Always include a link to the original Google+ post


Plus: Manage Flitter is also a pretty neat Twitter management tool.


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