How know if your Password is Hacked and How to Create Better Passwords


Security risks have been a trending topic nowadays, having different websites and services being hacked by the likes of LulzSec and Unknown. The hacked database/information usually ends up being available to the public. With anyone having access to the released private information such as usernames and passwords is very alarming indeed.

So, how can you know if your private information (email and password) is compromised? There’s a website that you can visit and check if your password has been hacked and is available publicly. The name of the website is Should I Change My Password. SICMP collects the hacked and publicly available database/information and lets you check if your email is included in those databases. All you need to do is to type your email in SICMPs email checker. It will give you a green light if your password is safe and a red light for compromised passwords.

Should I Change My Password also published a list containing the hacked sites, the Hacker, date published, number and users and links to media reports of the hack. If you don’t trust the email checker, this will generally give you additional information and base it from there if your password is compromised.

Regardless of the result you get from Should I Change My Password, it does not change the fact that our passwords might still be at risk. The only thing that we can do right now is to think of better passwords for our online accounts. Remember when choosing a password, ensure that each password is at least 10 characters in length and is a combination of random upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols. Do not re-use the same password across multiple sites. I also have read somewhere that using spaces (spacebar) in your password is stronger than ones with special characters (that is if the service allows spaces in passwords).

[Should I Change My Password]



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