How do I Get Friends to Upload Files on my Dropbox Folder Even if they don’t have Dropbox?

Need a file from a friend? Your friend doesn’t use Dropbox and has no plan of using it at the moment. What do you do? Letting him/her email you the file is what first comes to mind. But, wouldn’t it be cooler if your friend can send you the file through your Dropbox? It can also be more convenient for you both.

Here’s how you do it. I would assume that you already have a Dropbox account and folder installed on your computer. All you need to do is use a web app called FileStork. What it does is allow you to send file transfer requests to friends from anywhere and receive the file(s) on your computer’s Dropbox folder.

You can start by allowing FileStork access to your Dropbox account. Once the request has been granted, you can immediately create a request. There are two types of request in FileStork. One is the Standalone Request and the other is a One Time Request.

A one time request enables you to setup a single-use file request form. Your request automatically expires after each recipient uploads their files. A single-use file request is useful in situations where you need to obtain files for a specific reason, such as to request files from your client and vendors.

A standalone request enables you to setup a persistant or more permanent file upload form. Standalone requests do not expire until you delete it. You can use this type of request form as a file upload platform on your site to allow people to easily send files to you. It is highly recommend setting a password to prevent unauthorized people from uploading files to your Dropbox.

The request forms also allows you to choose which type of files are allowed to enter your Dropbox Folder. You wouldn’t want your computer to be infested with malware when you get back from lunch. Since once the request has been initiated, your Dropbox is set to automatically receive files even if you’re not sitting in front of your computer.



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