Hohli: Online Chart Creator

Looking for a simple chart creator for your online needs? Hohli helps you to produce beautifully designed charts of different types and sizes that you can embed, share through a link or copy as an image file. The site runs on Google’s chart API, CSS and Javascript. You can produce your chart without going from page to page for each step.

Just select a chart type that you want to use. Aside from the normal types that we are accustomed to using, like bar, line and pie charts, you can also use venn diagrams, scatter plots and radar charts. Different sizes can be selected to fit your design layout. The chart data and design option features are very easy to understand and implement. If you run to any trouble with your chart data, just delete it and create a new one. There is also a multiple axis label feature for your line charts, bar charts and scatter plots. A very useful preview feature which follows you around the whole page works in real time as you edit your chart. No need to press a preview button to see what your chart looks like.

If you are ever in need of a chart generator, better check this one out. It’s simple, easy to handle, free and most of all works great.

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