Google’s Privacy Tips Videos

Google just released a series of video instructions like how to use Google Chat’s “Off the Record” feature, how to limit the number of people who can view your Picasa photos, how to unlist your phone number from Google search results, and how to make the details of your Google Calendar entries private. They also have tips for blogger, street view, web history and cookies. The instructions were made by Google’s very own engineers and product managers. Who else can give you better tips than those who actually made the product.

Just as we’re dedicated to innovation when it comes to making better, more useful products, we’re also committed to finding new ways to educate you about how to control what information you share when using our products, and with whom. This series, along with the other videos on our YouTube Privacy Channel, are part of this awareness-raising effort. So watch the videos (including our very own blooper reel) and tell us what you think. And we’ll be adding new videos to the Privacy Channel now and again, so be sure to check back.

Note: I didn’t disable the You Tube related videos so that you guys can watch the other Google privacy tips videos from this site.

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