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People are already on the go with Christmas only a few days away. The number of people travelling by plane increase every year. And the number one drag about the Christmas rush is the delayed flights of planes arriving on the airport due to weather conditions and air traffic.


Google released this new feature that gives you up-to-date information of the plane that you want to track through Flightstats. All you have to do is just type in the search bar the flight number of the plane you want track and it will display the information as the first search result. This will make your holiday season less stressful, avoiding long waits in the terminal if the flight is delayed and easier on the airline operators with lesser calls coming in from people inquiring about the arrival of the planes.

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  1. I like Flight Stats a lot. It’s a great tool, not only for flights in the air already, but also for historical data.

    Earlier this year I started using Flight Memory to log all my flights going back several years (, and I used the historical section of Flight Stats to look up most of the details I needed.

    You do have to register to access the historical data, but registration is free.

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