GMDesk: Google Apps on your Desktop

Google web apps are great and what makes it even better is it’s free. The only thing is that if you’re using most of them, you need to open different tabs on your browser or clutter you desktop with widgets/gadgets. Google recently release a desktop application which will allow you to access different Google web services in just one desktop application.

GMDesk is an application where you can run Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Picasa, Google Reader and Google Maps on a single desktop application. This is a great way to access your Google applications without opening them on your browser. Just access in the menu which service you want to use and once you are logged in your Google account. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts to easily switch to different services on your GMDesk. It also supports Google Apps access as well.

To install GMDesk, you need to have Adobe Air installed in your computer. If you do not have Adobe Air installed, just head over to their site and click download and if the engine does not detect Adobe Air in your computer, will automatically install it.

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