Give YouTube a “Kick” to Download Videos

kick-you-tube-logoWant to download videos from YouTube without  installing a software, a plugin or going to another website just to paste the URL of the YouTube video? It’s quite easy. Simply give it a “kick”. Just add the word “kick” to the YouTube URL you want to download like so:

Once you have inserted the kick, the KickYouTube app will activate and will appear above the YouTube page. It’s a very clever idea and very useful. It will save you time copying and pasting YouTube URL to another web app or desktop app. You can also select which format to use when you make the download. FLV, MP4, iPhone and PSP formats are supported.

Note: The service is having an outage when I tested it so you’ll have to excuse the screenshot.


5 Comments on “Give YouTube a “Kick” to Download Videos

  1. Thanks guys. This is a really cool and useful tool for downloading YouTube content. I still have no idea if it is legal or not to download content from YouTube. If it is your video anyway, then this is a very useful tool.

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