Give your XP the Windows 7 Look

If you’re genuinely convinced that Vista Sucks and not entirely ready for Windows 7 yet, then you are most probably using XP or embraced a Linux Distro. Well, I’m not here to talk about which operating system is better. I’m just here to show you a simple  way to make your XP less boring by giving it the Windows 7 look.

You can accomplish this by installing a simple theme pack called Seven Remix XP from NirwadSoft. There is no need to hack your XP’s system files to replace the stock images and change the settings. All you need to do is install the Theme pack and it will give you a nice Windows 7 startup and desktop after rebooting. You may also choose which component to include while installing the theme. This allows you to control which feature you think will suit you best without being stuck with one that annoys you.


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