Firefox Live Chat Support

Mozilla recently released a live chat support for Firefox. A group of volunteers will be stationed to answer your questions. Since there are only a few volunteers so far, the service is only limited to a few hours a day.

live.pngHow to get started

  1. Click the image on the right(Foxkeh) that says “We’re Open.” A new window will open.
  2. Fill out as many of the fields as you can and click Start Chat.
  3. When someone answers your question, the request window will change to show a chat field.
  4. Use it just like an instant messaging window.

Firefox Live Chat

This is good news for new users who needs a guide in using Firefox and for a bunch of us old Fifefox fans who just wants to hit them with some questions of our own. If you want to help, you can sign up for their support group. You don’t have to be an advanced user in order to help.

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  1. Hi there, the hours are pretty much just a guideline. We’re all volunteers and live all over the world, so folks can try the live chat page at anytime, and see if we’re open. The service opens and closes automatically depending on whether there are agents logged on to help 🙂

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