FileSocial: Twitter File Sharing Service

filesocialFileSocial is a new service that allows you to share files on Twitter. Several services have popped out that allows you to share images, music and videos on Twitter. Now, you can share any file type there is through your Twitter account.

Whenever you upload a file, you can include a brief description or comment and a “tweet.” The message will appear on Twitter along with the link to the file. When the user clicks the link, the download page for the file will appear. Users can download the file and make comments about it on FileSocial. The comments you send or receive through FileSocial will automatically appear as @reply in Twitter.

You can upload Images, compressed files, videos, music, etc in FileSocial and share them on Twitter. The service makes no exception except for the size. You are only allowed to upload files not exceeding the 20MB limit (so much for uploading HD movies :D) . If you can upload it, you can share it. Anyway, if you’re looking for a quick file sharing service that you can use with Twitter, give FileSocial access to your Twitter account and start sharing.


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