Easily Migrate Photos from Facebook to Google+ All at Once

Migrating from Facebook to Google+? Creating an account on a new social networking site is so easy that your grandma can do it for you, so migrating from Facebook to Google+ won’t be a problem for anyone in terms of account creation. What’s hard is transferring the millions of photos that you managed to accumulate on your Facebook account over the years. Luckily for us who wants to give Google+ a shot, there’s a webapp that will help us transfer photos from Facebook to Picasa.

Move2Picasa is a tool that will help your Facebook to Google+ migration a breeze. Simply allow Move2Picasa access to your Facebook account to begin the transfer. The transfer rate will depend on the amount of photos stored in your Facebook account.

Reminder: Move2Picasa will transfer ALL your Facebook Photos. You won’t be able to make a selection of photos you want shared/transferred on Picasa.


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