Easily Create a Visually Stunning Online Resume with Zerply


Zerply is an online resume creator with a social twist. What it does is that it allows you to create a very attractive online resume and let you share it on different social networks or within Zerply’s own network.

How to make a Zerply resume:

To create your Zerply online resume, simply sign-up for an account and fill-up the fields that will appear. The process is very easy. It’s a wizard like form that will not require you to immediately provide the information required by each field. You can leave some fields blank if you’re not yet comfortable sharing certain details online. You could always make changes on your resume whenever you want through the settings menu.

Zerply also allows you to import your information from your Linked-In and Facebook accounts. This will save you some time if you don’t want to fill out forms in another social network. But in my opinion, given the results, it is totally worth the time spent in manually filling out the Zerply forms.

What makes Zerply even worth your time is its ability to let you present yourself in a very professional manner. They have a (currently short) list of visually stunning themes that you can use on your public profile. Select the one that best fits your personality or the type of work that you do.

One wish:

With all the awesome typography and cool online resume design, I just wish that they can provide a printable format of our resumes. Even though that most companies are already using digital formats, some organizations still prefer paper, and it would be great if we could get a printer friendly page that looks just as badass as the public online profile.


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