d.ropulo.us: Instant Weather Report on your Calendar

dropulous-logod.ropulo.us is a simple way to get weather reports on your calendar. This way, you won’t have to install an application or gadget just to get the weather reported to you for that day.

How to use:

Just type in the city you want to get updates from and hope that dropulous finds it. If your city is listed on their database then the rest is pretty easy. You will be allowed to choose from a list of available calendar application installed on your computer. If dropulous didn’t detect your calendar, you might want to check their list of supported applications here.

This is an easy way of integrating your city’s weather report to your calendar application. You can also use the application to monitor the weather on a different city. If you prefer getting weather reports on your calendar rather than an application or website, better check out this tool.



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