DropBox: Sync and Share a Folder

DropBox is a very interesting online file hosting/sharing service which allows you to sync your online account with your computer. It’s like having a folder on your computer which is always online.

To start using DropBox, just download their desktop application which works on Windows, Mac and Linux. Install the application and you can begin creating your DropBox account and sync it with a folder in your computer. The process just takes a few minutes and the instructions are very easy to follow so you should encounter no problems installing it.

Uploading files to your DropBox account is a snap. Just drag the file(s) to the linked folder on your PC/Mac and it will automatically update/sync with your online account. Any change that you make on the files in your local folder will be automatically synchronized with your online account.

DropBox also protects your files from unfortunate circumstances. If you happen to accidentally delete a file(s) from your local folder, you can still access those deleted files and restore them in your online account in the web interface. It’s like having your own online recycle bin in DropBox.

You can easily share individual files to your friends through a URL that is created for each of your files so there should be no problem for you linking them to blogs and websites and handing them out in emails and IMs. Folders can be shared by inviting friends through email so they can access those folders in their desktop. Anything that you place in the shared folder will be visible to friends who have accepted your invitation and vice-versa.

DropBox will give you a total of 2GB of hardrive space for your online account. It’s not much if you’re thinking on uploading ripped movies or thousands of songs to your DropBox account but there should be enough space for medium quality photos, documents and small files.

4 Comments on “DropBox: Sync and Share a Folder

  1. I signed up for the beta some time early this year. They finally sent me an invite code, and they opened to the public literally the next day.
    It’s a pretty sweet service, but I will wait for a while to see if any exploits pop up before I start using it for important stuff.

  2. @Nukit: They always approve private beta applicants a day before the launch. Sometimes beta testers do more bad than good when in private beta but I read a great post about companies should be responsible for their apps and should take away the beta BS. If something goes wrong then fix it. It’s just reason for getting away with bugs and errors.

    I really think that dropbox is a very cool service. I asked them if the service is totally free and will only charge for premium accounts. So far no reply from the team.

  3. @Healy: Highly recommendable indeed. I just hope that the service stays free. The 2GB disk space for ordinary users is not bad. They could charge for a premium account for larger disk space. 🙂

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