Download YouTube Videos Using ExtractYouTube

ExtractYouTube is a simple YouTube Video search and download website. You can use their site to search for YouTube videos that you want to download or just paste the URL of the YouTube video in their search bar to begin the download immediately. There are other websites that offer the same service plus format conversion. The only thing is that most of them are slow and fails in the process of conversion.

ExtractYouTube is simple fast and readily available for use in any browser. If you want to convert the video into another format, there are lots of websites out there offering a fast service for this. I would recommend Media Convert for this task. It’s fast, reliable and the best part of all, it’s free. Sometimes it’s better to use a service that focuses on a particular task than use a service that offers several tasks rolled into one.

Note: You might also want to try using FreeMusicZilla for your YouTube downloads. It’s an online music stream downloader which also works on YouTube and other video streaming sites.

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