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With so many social networking sites out there, it’s hard to keep track of your own links to your profiles, blogs and websites. Organizing social profiles by creating a list will help. You won’t have to login to your social networking site in order to get your profile link.

MeeID is an online business card which will help you organize your profile links, blogs and websites. You can place ebay profiles and place links to your blogs and social networking sites using MeeID. It’s a simple tool with simple features. It will provide you with your own MeeID URL (e.g : which you can share with your friends. This way you only send one URL to a person instead of sending multiple links which will look kind of spammy. The design is simple and it lets you upload your own profile photo to your MeeID business card.

It would be great though if they can provide users buttons to link to their blogs and other social sites. It will make MeeID links more visible and users will have an easier time pasting/linking the MeeID on the web. If you are looking for a simple online business card, MeeID is worth checking out.

4 Comments on “Create Your Personal Online Business Card

  1. Your online business card looks pretty cool.

    I also like the idea if you could place links to your blogs or social networking sites on your card so others can just click on the link and visit your site.

    It’s certainly the modern way to go about having a business card these days…

  2. Thanks Marie, it’s a pretty cool site actually. I think the classic way of handing out business cards still rocks and I have seen some creative business cards that are produced to catch attention. This one is particularly useful for online use.

    I ran into a little trouble uploading the image. I can’t find the right image to fit their cropping tool and I need the sample immediately for the post.

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