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Want to know what it feels like to have your own YouTube? StartYourTube(now known as BootCast) is the Ning of video sharing sites. It lets you easily create your own video site without hassles. There is no installation needed, no servers and other technical stuff. It’s just like creating a blog in Blogspot. Actually the procedure is very similar to creating a Blogspot account where you create an account, customize your site (upload logos, change theme colors etc), use your own domain name and advertise (where they keep 40 percent of the revenues for the free account).

Being a video sharing site, StartYourTube lets you have your own members where they sign up and share their tubes in your created tube site. The service is free but will only allow you to have 10 thousand page views per month and upload a maximum of 200 videos which should not exceed 2 GB of storage space. You also get to have a “Powered by StartYourTube” mention in your pages and you cannot disable advertisements. This is not a bad deal considering that you are paying them nothing but it is not enough to survive a Digg effect if ever one of your videos gets dugg. However, a paid account will let you get a bigger storage space and bandwidth, remove the StartYourTube mention, run your own ads and keep all the profit.

The trick is to start free play around with a niched video site and eventually upgrade your account if your site becomes popular. This is another interesting service and a potentially useful one (if they can offer larger bandwidths and storage) for people who wants to start a niched tube site.

Update: StartYourTube is now known as BootCast.

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