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Create Online Presentations Using Flowgram

Flowgram is a webapp that allows you to easily create online presentations. You can include RSS feeds, web pages, photos, powerpoint presentations, background audios and your very own custom pages. No installation is required to create your presentations. You can do them right on your browser.

Just register for a free account at Flowgram and you can begin creating your presentations. This webapp is very useful for adding a little spice to your existing Powerpoint presentation. You can add a voice over to websites, place notes and highlights on a page. It also allows you to upload your own photos or grab them from your Flickr or FaceBook account. As for audios, you can either record from Flowgram or upload from your computer.

Like most web applications available online, FlowGram allows you to embed your created presentation so you can share them with your friends through your blogs and social pages. There is no download feature to view your presentations offline. This means that you must have an internet connection in order to view your presentations.

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to make presentations, you can check out Flowgram and see how it goes for you. Check out the sample presentation below.

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3 comments on “Create Online Presentations Using Flowgram
  1. torasham says:

    good posting and info. sadly, can’t try this right now..because my connection has been down since this morning..

  2. AgentOrange says:

    Thanks for taking interest Torasham. I also forgot to include in the post that you need Java and flash installed in your computer in order to use FlowGram. 🙂

  3. World says:

    Very less explored subject and you have provided valuable information. Thank you for the article. Very helpful!

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