Create Custom RSS Aggregator Using Individurls

We all have our favorite sites/blogs that we want to keep track of. We may not visit all of them every day but we do want to check on them every once in a while. Individurls lets you keep track of those blogs in a very simple way.

All you need is an Individurl account and you’re set to go. Add your favorite blogs by placing their respective urls/ feed urls. Removing them is as easy as clicking the delete button on the customize page. The aggregated feeds are placed in your personal page in a widgetized manner. A preview of the entries will appear on mouse over and a blue dot is displayed on the most recent post published within the last 24 hours. If the entry contains a video, you will notice a small tv icon along with the title of the post.

Individurls is one of the many customizable RSS aggregators out there. It is overly simplistic but it works and I like simple apps that do their job well. If ever you are looking of a RSS aggregator service, you might want to check out Individurls. You also get to share your fave blogs with your friends through your personal Individurl link. Oh, and it also looks great on the iPhone.

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