Create a Group Website using Google Sites

Google Sites is an online application which is part of Google Apps program that lets a user create a website in a snap. You do not need to have a domain to create a website from Google Sites. The general service is similar to blogger but with huge differences in practical application. Blogger is obviously specifically optimized for blogging while Google Sites is made for team or group website building. It targets organizations who want to create a website which can be managed and edited by a group of people. It’s like creating a wiki website for a company or an organization where every member can take part in the development and content distribution of the site.

The service is entirely free and each account is allowed a 100 MB (megabytes) of space for images and attachments. Using the service will let people gather information about their organization in the website. They can place videos, calendars, presentations and attachments. The website can be set to be viewed by the whole world or for members only. The owner can easily invite others to the website as co owners, collaborators or as viewers. You can check out the video demo below on how to use Google Sites.

3 Comments on “Create a Group Website using Google Sites

  1. All I can say, after viewing the video was wow! How quick and simple was that? This tool will certainly help small organizations.

  2. As a teacher, I really like the idea of using Google Sites for classes. Backed with Google’s hardware, it is certainly worth looking into. Do they allow Google ads?

  3. I’m glad you liked it Marie. It’s certainly has the potential to be extremely useful to small companies. I hope that they’ll allow users to use their own domain in the future (like they do on blogger).

    Isles Tech: I don’t think that they have an option to use Adsense in Google sites yet. I didn’t see any “add java script” function in their editor. Maybe in the future. For now, I think their main concern is to create a useful tool for small and medium sized organizations. With the easy to use editor and ready made templates, making a website using Google Sites is so easy that you don’t have to hire a webmaster to do the task. 🙂

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