Closr: Create a Zoomable Image Widget

closrClosr is an image tool that you can use to share your images on slightly tight web pages and allow viewers to get a closer look at them. The tool is simple enough to use and embed on your favorite social networking sites and blogs.

Register for a Closr account and you can immediately start uploading your photo and create your first widget. You can only upload one photo per widget. If you’re thinking that this is a gallery type widget, then you are mistaken. The widget is only good for sharing one image but it’s great for sharing large images on small sized pages. I just have one comment on the image quality being reduced when viewed on the Closr widget. It’s something they need to work out during the beta phase. Aside from that, it looks great and could be useful when sharing large images.

Here’s the original image:

[nggallery id=1]
Here’s the image uploaded and viewed with the Closr Widget

2 Comments on “Closr: Create a Zoomable Image Widget

  1. Hello,
    first of all thanks for sharing and opening our service.

    We do really appreciate it. We are just out in a public beta and we are working on new features requested by users: we are planning a roadmap together with them.

    That’s why we will be grateful if you could share your ideas, suggestions and feedbacks on

    Thanks very much for your contribution and feedbacks.

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