Chrome Extensions to Minimalize Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Reader

The Minimalist Suite is a Google Chrome extension that will allow you to customize Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Reader the easy way. This suite is from the same guy who made the MinFBook (Minimalist Facebook) Chrome extension which was covered here a while ago.

The Minimalist suite lets you tweak the interfaces of the above mentioned sites to suit your needs. Adding and removing features from the supported sites is as easy as choosing from the list of features and ticking a check box with the corresponding feature you want turned on/off.

If you want to tweak your Gmail, Google Reader, Google Calendar or Facebook – simply head over to The Minimalist Suite website and install them on your Google Chrome Browser. They are built with simplicity and practicality in mind. Weed out the stuff that you don’t need and use the apps in a simpler and more productive way.

[The Minimalist Suite]


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