BoostCam: Disposable Video Conferencing Site

boostcamBoostCam is a service that provides free, instant and disposable two-way video conferencing. You can use it right away without installing any plugins.

To start your disposable video conference, just head over to their site and allow access to your web cam. You will be provided with a unique URL for you to share with the second party. BoostCam is a two way video chat service. If you want to have another video conference with a different user, you can open a new tab on your browser, and repeat the process. It’s like having a tabbed video conference using your browser. Just make sure that the other party is online and he/she must start the session as soon as possible. The page is set to expire after a few minutes of waiting for the other party to join.

This is a great instant service that allows you to start a video conference in a snap and also great if you do not wish to share your IM account. You can use this for short online tutorials that would require you to broadcast or have a video chat with your Twitter buddy without revealing your IM or email address.


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