Big Tweet: Tweet Big Plus More

We all know that Twitter only allows 140 character long updates, just the same length as a text message. If ever you want to tweet more than 140 characters, you’ll have to cut the post into two. The only problem is that when people read your update, they’ll have to look up for the second part or end up reading the latter part of your post first.

BigTweet is a Twitter service that you can use to Tweet more than 140 characters. It doubles the amount of characters that you can dish out on Twitter. It will cut the Tweet for you in two, in case you exceed 140 characters and it will do it in a much more readable manner, the first part is being on top of the second when viewed on Twitter.

The tool also allows you to insert special characters and shorten a URL. All of these can be done by using the Big Tweet bookmarklet. There is no need to install or download anything. Just drag the BigTweet bookmarklet to your browser’s bookmark toolbar and you’re all set.

5 Comments on “Big Tweet: Tweet Big Plus More

  1. Yes and you can use it even if you’re not on your twitter page. It’s more of like IM plugins that lets you use Twitter, the only difference is that this one is browser based. I like the special characters feature. I normally use Pidgin for viewing Twitter updates but I bookmarked BigTweet just in case.

  2. Now what a cool thing this is! I’m a rather verbose creature, so keeping to that 140 character limit is a challenge for me — this will make my life much more pleasant 🙂


  3. Whats the point with that? Twitter is a service based on short and it means SHORT messages to your friends, family etc. etc… If you want longer than that, get a blog and write there… My opinion is that twitter is mostly abused for advertising purposes so i don’t even use it.. But what do I know..

  4. @Margaret: It can be hard sometimes to compress what you have to say on Twitter with just one tweet. There are instances that I have to compose a Twitter update carefully just to make sure that it’ll fit.

    @Shortapps: You have a strong point there and I agree with you but like what Margaret said, keeping a tweet to just 140 characters can sometimes be quite a challenge. I think the 140 limit is set by Twitter just to compensate their integration with SMS (text messages). If they remove that feature, I’m sure that they’ll give users more than just 140 characters to work with. That’s just what I think anyways. 🙂

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