Archive your IM Messages Online Using Dexrex

Dexrex is an online solution for IM users who wants to easily archive their IM conversations online. Users will never have to worry about their archived conversations to be deleted in the event of a computer crash. Remembering to backup archived conversations is tough work for novice users and often given low priority even by advanced users.

This is perfect for heavy IM users who are very concerned with their IM conversations. Some of those IM conversations contain important phone numbers, website links and other important and treasured messages from friends and family. Dexrex aims to end that worry of having to lose your treasured IM moments. Dexrex is also a place where you can upload your existing conversations saved in your hard drive.

Registration is not needed in order to start using Dexrex. All you have to do is login using your IM account username and password. There is no sign up because when you type in your information it automatically checks with your IM Network to make sure the screen name and password is a match. Since you own your screen name and password, you confirm this account. You also need to download and install the Dexrex IM plugin for it to recognize what IM you are using. This will enable Dexrex to log your IM conversations in your Dexrex account. You can also link multiple IM accounts together in one single Dexrex account. That way you only have to login using one IM account to see your other IM logs in Dexrex. If you think your regular screen name’s password is too easy to guess, you can always add extra security by turning on the Lockdown feature.

Dexrex works only on Windows 2k, XP and Vista. It supports Pidgin, AIM Lite/Pro, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Trillian, Digsby, Miranda, Instantbird, Meca, Mercury, Emesene and aMSN chat clients. Supported networks include AOL Instant Messenger, Google Talk, Jabber, Windows Live, Skype, Yahoo Messenger and Blackberry (SMS).

A share feature is also available in the service. You can easily do this by clicking the share button just below the conversation bubble. Dexrex will automatically generate a public URL for the selected conversation. This page can be publicly viewed by people you shared the link with. Just be careful in using the share feature. You don’t want your most private conversations fall into the
wrong hands.

Dexrex is a useful tool for saving your chat conversations and easily sharing them.

4 Comments on “Archive your IM Messages Online Using Dexrex

  1. Thanks taking the time to try out Dexrex! We’re very proud of our little plugin, and I’m glad that you found it useful.

    Although Dexrex Extensions only works with Windows right now, we’re almost done with a Mac version, too. We’ll announce its release on our blog (, so Mac users may want to keep an eye out.

    If you or any of your readers would like to drop us a line, you can reach us at We read every email we get, and always welcome more feedback!

    [Disclosure: I am one of the ten amazing people working at Dexrex]

  2. Cristos: Thanks for visiting and adding the information about the Mac version. We’re not only trying out Dexrex, we’re actually using it. 😀

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