Add Weird Effects to your Photos without Photoshop

Sometimes, you just want to quickly add an effect to your photo. No tedious editing, no spending time watching tutorials, no Photoshop. If you have a photo and want to simply add non-conventional effect(s) on it, try using Imageoid. It’s a web app that lets you easily apply effects to your photos.

To use the service, simply upload a photo, transform it, apply effects and download the result. If you’re using (or familiar with) Instagram on your iPhone, it kinda works the same, only for your browser and with more effects for you to choose from.

As good as Imageoid as in adding photo effects quickly (performs rather fast) and effectively, there’s only one thing that concerns me. The maximum size per file(photo) upload is only 800Kb. This simply means that you can’t upload photos taken directly from high megapixel cameras. Forget about using it on photos taken immediately from DLSRs. I tried a photo from my digital camera and it got rejected because it’s 2MB in size. I need to resize the photo to reduce the file size which takes time. In my humble opinion, changing the max upload capacity will greatly improve the service in terms of convenience. I really don’t want to open Photoshop and resize my image just to add effects on a web app. If I use Photoshop to open the image, I might as well choose a filter and add effects while I’m at it.










[ Imageoid ]

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