WordAhead: Vocabulary Flash Cards and Videos

WordAheadWordAhead is a learning oriented website that provides short, simple and fun video clips that correctly defines words that often appears on vocabulary exams. They have a collection of examples of around 800 words in context. It’s like learning with flashcards that is presented through online videos.

Each word has its own online video or flashcard that you can view. You’ll be able to view the word along with its definition and an image that describes the word. Sometimes the best way to learn the meaning of a particular word is through visual images and WordAhead did just that.

The videos found on WordAhead are entirely appropriate for middle and high school students. The Students are encouraged to play with words and create their own vocabulary videos. The can upload their work and share them with everyone through the website. Teachers can also take advantage of the learning efficiency that the site provides. They may direct activities and assign word projects to the students. They also have a Study Room page that provides personalized list creation and sharing for users.

Aside from the fact that you can browse the site and enrich your vocabulary for free though WordAhead, you can also sign up to receive a word of the day in your email. This is a great learning site with a very effective method of teaching new word meanings to its users. Students and Teachers will find this site useful and very helpful in enriching ones vocabulary.

WordAhead Video Flash Cards

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