Windows Vista SP1 Blocks Some Security Programs

images.jpgIf you happen to be using Windows Vista, be aware that the Service Pack 1 (SP1) update for your system currently has compatibility issues with some applications. Take note that these applications are not just ordinary applications. Majority of the affected software happen to be Virus Detection programs. There are several reports as of now that when you install SP1 for Vista, it will block certain applications.

In the list of blocked applications are: BitDefender AV ver 10 , Fujitsu Shock Sensor, Jiangmin KV Antivirus 10, Jiangmin KV Antivirus 2008, Trend Micro Internet Security 2008, Zone Alarm Security Suite 7.1.078.

In the list of programs that Do Not run after you install SP1: Iron Speed Designer 5.0.1 , Xheo Licensing 3.1, Free Allegiance 2.1.

In the list of programs that lose functionality after installing Vista Sp1 are: NYT reader 1, Rising Personal Firewall 2007, Novell ZCM Agent 10.01.

[The list is provided by Microsoft]

If you are using Vista and planning to install Service Pack one for Windows Vista (the ones that leaked out in Bit Torrent sites) , make sure that you are not running the listed programs above to ensure the security of your PC’s. I hope that there will be improvements in Vista Sp1 before they officially release it in mid-March.

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