Windows 7 To Be Released Early?

windows-logo.jpgMicrosoft’s Windows 7 (previously code-named Blackcomb Vienna) is said to be released in the second half of 2009 rather than in 2010. TG Daily said that an early version of the said OS has been shipped to “key partners” as a M1 (Milestone 1) code drop for validation purposes. Among the new features seen in the early M1 release are combining multiple graphics cards from different vendors into one graphics system, and a new version of Media Center.

There are very few pieces of information about Windows 7 and the features it will bring available at this time. So far, we have heard only about new touchscreen features as well as – and probably most interesting – MinWin, a much smaller kernel of the operating system that takes up only 40 MB of memory.

This reminds me of the ME to XP turnaround when people refused to upgrade to ME from Windows 2000 until XP came out. Maybe Microsoft finally realized that Vista is not going to last like XP did, for them to schedule an early release. A lot of people still don’t see any reason for upgrading to vista especially with the XP SP3 getting good reviews. ┬áPersonally, I don’t really care if they release a new OS ahead of time as long as it is better and with fewer errors.

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  1. Microsoft products single handedly drove me to Mac. Since converting to the Mac I will never go back. If I was to jump O/S, something that I believe is unlikely indeed, it would be a Linux machine, which is what is currently installed on my old PC.

  2. I was using Windows Vista Ultimate. It turned me off to the point that I gave up on Microsoft all together – I’m now happily running Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon, and there’s very little that would get me to switch back to Microsoft, though perhaps when I am more comfortable with Linux, I’ll move to a diff. Linux distro.

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