Webapp that Reads Deleted Tweets has Been Shut Down

Do you believe that once you publish something on the net, it stays there forever? Search engines are caching everything that it is allowed to. Once you publish something publicly online, there’s a pretty good chance that a search engine bot/spider has already made a copy of it somewhere.

Twitter posts are no different. Once you publish something, there’s a good chance that someone or something (bot or webapp) has already made a copy of it. So when you tweeted something that you regret publishing/posting and deleted it, you can now expect that tweet to be saved somewhere.

Undetweetable is a webapp that monitors Twitter accounts and saves deleted tweets. With this tool, you can view deleted tweets of people you know and don’t know. All you need to do is enter a Twitter username and if Undetweetable already caught that particular user on their database, you’ll be able to view the deleted tweets made by that user. If a user is not on Undetweetable’s database, it will display nothing and will automatically add the twitter user that you searched to their list of monitored accounts.

Unfortunately, Undetweetable has been asked to shut down and we can no longer function without Twitter’s support. This project was meant to begin a discussion about privacy and digital identity and, thanks to the overwhelming response from users like yourself, we hope that we have accomplished that goal. For now, you may continue browsing Undetweetable, but we will no longer gather deleted tweets.

This type of tool might sound creepy to you but the issue here is not that monitoring apps like this exists. The issue here is that we should always be careful on what we publish online. One should think twice before hitting the publish/share/post/tweet button. If it’s something that you might regret in the future, don’t post it. We are responsible for the things that we publish online.


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