Task.Fm Easy Reminder Service

taskfmTask.fm is an easy reminder tool that you can use to, well, remind yourself (doh) about things that you need to do. The service caters text to voice phone reminders, sms and email reminders. You can create as many reminders as you want. You won’t be charged a dime for email reminders. However, a small fee for SMS and Voice reminders will be charged in form of credits.

You can purchase credits for a very small fee (20 credits for 2 dollars). One credit is charged for every SMS or Phone/Voice reminder. The small fee is charged to cover the cost of SMS and phone message sent to the user but it will become eventually free in the future, hopefully.

I don’t want to charge – but out of shear necessity I have to. Task.fm was bootstrapped and paid for out of my own back pocket because I wanted a really simple reminder tool that currently didnt exist. As it costs me for every sms we send out unfortunately I have to charge a small fee to cover costs.

Don’t worry, these will eventually be free – remember email reminders are 100% free and you can create as many as you want.

Task.fm is also set to release a new feature that lets you create reminders via SMS. This will eventually eliminate the task of heading over to the website in order to create a reminder. Perhaps we’ll be able to see reminder creation via email or Twitter (via @reply or direct message- whichever works best).

What I like about the service is the semantic recognition. It can recognize phrases and extracts the date and time from the reminder that you’ve created. You can just enter the phrase “meeting with bob tomorrow at 6pm” and Task.Fm will understand what you meant and set the reminder for you. When creating a reminder, all you need to do is type the reminder and set the message type (phone, email, sms). If Task.fm can’t seem to understand what you’re saying and cannot set the reminder, you can use the advanced option to manually input the date and time. You can also set Task.fm to remind you early if you wish to.

If you’re looking for a reminder tool, check out Task.fm. It’s simple, easy to use and almost free.


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