Seero Launches to the Public

seero.jpgI just got an email from Justin Cutillo, Seero founder and CEO, announcing that they are lifting their private beta testing and going public with their live, on-location video platform. Seero is a website that we introduced a few weeks back which utilizes a geobroadcasting platform that integrates live mobile broadcasting and GPS mapping.

seero-bot.pngIn the press release, David Rothschild, one of Seero’s founder and Chief Executive Officer said in his own words: “One mindset has been to recreate Television online. We don’t think that it is the right route because the internet has so much more to offer than just TV and can create a richer experience by utilizing integral content like location.”

Justin was also kind enough to answer a few questions for me regarding their future plans for Seero and the features that they currently added and planning to release. He said in the interview that they recently added playlist management features where broadcasters can choose which videos they would like to play when they are not live broadcasting. If they don’t choose manually, it goes by the three most recent videos. When a user navigates to a profile that is not live, the flash player and map will sequence through the playlist. At any time a viewer can access the video menu and surf to the video of their choice.

They also added marker functionality on the map to point to the location of the geobit/geo-advertisement icon when it is off the screen. Integration with Google Calendar and Twitter API (Application Programming Interface) are also added so that broadcasters will have an easier time letting their audience know when they go live. Justin also confirmed that they are currently in talks with Symbian developers for a Seero cell phone application but no final words about it yet. If this happens, users can broadcast live using their cell phones via 3G and the built in GPS in the phone.

So, if you are into video casting, and thinking about doing a live broadcast with geotag or just plainly want to watch and see live broadcasters, be sure to check out Seero.

You can check out their launch broadcast here

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